How to Choose the Right Type of Window Tinting for Your Office

Adding a tint to the windows of your office can improve the appearance of the building, cut down on glare and sunlight allowed in the building, and even provide safety and security. Window tinting varies according to the type of film that is installed, and when you start shopping you may see more choices than you ever imagined. To ensure you choose the right type for your office windows, note a few simple tips. Read More 

Window Frames | 4 Smart Frame Materials For Thermal Insulation in Your Home

Windows are a key element of every room in the home, because they control the level of natural light in the room. Apart from their natural light regulation, they can also control the thermal resistance in every room. Thermal resistance through a frame can improve the energy efficiency of windows. However some framing materials, like aluminium and metal frames, provide poor thermal insulation, so they are not an ideal choice for internal windows. Read More 

Window Tinting For Your Car Is About More Than a Slick Appearance

Having your car's windows tinted can make it look slick and sleek, and many sports cars come with window tinting as a standard feature because it enhances the car's appearance. However, window tinting can do much more for your car than make it look good, and there are many reasons to consider having this done even if you drive a four-door sedan or a minivan. Note a few of those benefits here. Read More