How to Choose the Right Type of Window Tinting for Your Office

Adding a tint to the windows of your office can improve the appearance of the building, cut down on glare and sunlight allowed in the building, and even provide safety and security. Window tinting varies according to the type of film that is installed, and when you start shopping you may see more choices than you ever imagined. To ensure you choose the right type for your office windows, note a few simple tips.

1. Safety and security films

Safety and security films are usually measured in terms of mils, which refers to their thickness. A film of 7 or 8 mil will offer security against your office's windows being smashed, which can be good for a retail store. The 7 or 8 mil protection may also be adequate if you want to protect your office windows from potential chips and breaks due to flying gravel from a nearby road and the like. However, if you want actual blast protection or something that is bullet-resistant, you will need to choose something thicker. This type of security film is also not typically enough for protection against hurricanes and other such extreme weather conditions. 

2. Anti-graffiti films

If your office is located in an area that suffers from graffiti and other such similar vandalism, you may want to invest in anti-graffiti film. This is a very thin film that is meant to be removed and replaced if it should be vandalized. But note that lightweight anti-graffiti film may not offer much protection against break-ins and shattering glass. It is meant to be replaced often, not to add actual security to glass. Don't assume that this film will keep your window intact in case of a break-in and choose it only for protection against graffiti.

3. Solar control

Not all protective film or tinting on a window will actually reflect the sun's rays; some may allow it to simply pass through the glass as if the film wasn't there at all. If your office is in the tropics or otherwise gets far too much sunlight, or if glare on computer screens is a problem, you want to ensure you ask about solar control or reflectivity. This would mean a special tinting or film that actually deflects sunlight and UV rays. This can ensure that your building stays comfortable in the wintertime and can protect your furniture, houseplants, and even your employees' skin from these damaging rays.

For more information and options, talk with commercial window tinting companies, such as Solabloc Window Tinting Adelaide.