How To Blur The Line Between Indoor And Outdoor Living This Summer

Summer is almost upon Australia and with it comes the promise of outdoor living, from the parties outside that carry on deep into the warm nights to barbecues that you put on while people enjoy your pool. Being outside in summer is part of the internal fabric of every Australian, so they are constantly finding ways of trying to upgrade their backyard to maximise all they can from the summer months. What many people might not think of doing is blending your two living areas together so that it feels like you are enjoying the outside all over your house. 

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are notable for their ability to totally fold back its segments onto itself so that it stores itself in a tiny area. This is great for making wide open spaces at the back of your house that leads directly outside, and when you want to feel inside again, all you have to do is fold it back out. Bi-fold doors are the best way to blend your two living spaces without the risk of letting dirt and mud into your house, as long as you make sure no one comes inside with shoes. You can also them as just a regular door if you don't want a huge area of your house open and if you get glass bi-folds, they provide beautiful natural lighting when shut. Or you can choose your favourite colour and material and get them done to your specification; they are very customisable.

Backyard Mood Lighting

While many backyards have porch lights that illuminate the whole garden with a very harsh light, you should consider putting in lights that contribute more to the mood of summer. Stringing some fairy lights along your garden bed or putting in some little pathway lights can be a fun way to make your garden feel a bit more magical during summer. Most outdoor lights come with the option of solar power which you should definitely take advantage of so you don't have to worry about them after you put them down. 

Continue Your Indoor Colour Scheme

Most people have some sort of colour scheme or theme to their indoor furniture and walls so that they all work together and don't look out of place in relation to each other. Often this colour scheme does not continue in your backyard with your outside furniture which is a shame. If you want to create a unified aesthetic all over your house, you should consider trying to emulate the colours inside on the outside so that there is a natural flow all over your house. Outdoor furniture is better now than ever, so this could be a perfect time to replace some old, cracking furniture with new ones that better suit your house.