Repairing Antique Stained Glass

If you have antique stained glass windows in your home, you may notice that they need a bit of love and attention. With the passage of time, stained glass can become damaged or weakened. Damaged or worn stained glass will not look its best. In order to restore the stained glass windows in your home, you will need to call in a window repair specialist. Below is a guide to some of the problems which can affect stained glass and the steps a glass contractor will take to fix them.

Stained glass windows which are faded

If the stained glass was not properly fired, the paint used to stain the glass may not have properly adhered to the surface of each pane. This can result in the colour of the stained glass fading after exposure to sunlight. A glass contractor may be able to recolour the stained glass, so it is restored to its former glory.

Stained glass windows which are scratched

If you notice that the panes in your stained glass window are scratched, you may want to call in a contractor so repairs can be carried out. Scratches can really spoil the look of a stained glass window. However, a professional window repair contractor will be able to fix this problem. If the scratches are superficial, the contractor may be able to use filler to cover the scratch. If the scratch is very deep, the contractor may need to replace it. In order to preserve the look of the stained glass window, the contractor will attempt to source a piece of glass which is a similar colour and age as the damaged piece.

Stained glass windows which sag or bow

The tiny panes of coloured glass which make up a stained glass window are held in place by thin strips of lead. As the years pass, the impact of environmental factors can cause this lead to begin to soften so that it begins to sag or bow. If this problem is left unchecked, the panes of glass may eventually slip out of position. When this issue occurs, you may notice that the window rattles when the wind is high or when you open or close a door in the same room.

A window contractor will start by removing the individual pieces of glass from the window. Once the glass has been removed, the contractor will set about replacing the lead strips before putting the pieces of stained glass back in place so that the window looks as good as new.

If you would like more information, you should contact a stained glass installation contractor today.