Signs You Need a Window Repair Service

Your windows play a big role in maintaining your home's aesthetic appeal, as well as its safety. If you suspect you need to use a window repair service, there are some signs to look out for that'll help you make a decision.

Your energy bills are higher than usual

Good double glazing will keep the cold out and the heat in. Or vice-versa. When your energy bills start to creep upwards, you may find it's because your windows aren't doing their job.

Whether you receive paperless bills or not, you can check last year's expenditure with your energy provider. Unless you're spending more time using your HVAC or heating system because you're in the house more often, there's a chance you need to replace your windows.

Your windows are no longer smooth and sleek

Is your window starting to stick when you try to open or close it? While this is sometimes due to joints that need oiling, sometimes it's due to material that's warping. When the material warps, it's difficult to operate.

Other signs your window materials need replacing include:

  • Paint that's stripping
  • They're fogging up more than usual
  • They no longer stay open without a prop
  • You feel a draft when you're standing close to them

Leaking water

Depending on where the water is leaking from, you may need a full repair or a complete replacement. For example, water that leaks from the top suggests your weather sealant needs replacing. If it's leaking from other parts of the frame, you may need to replace that particular area. Addressing both of these issues promptly is essential; otherwise, you may encounter mould.

They no longer keep the noise out

If you're starting to notice more traffic noise than usual, your windows may need replacing. Bear in mind that this is more likely to happen with single-pane glass. If you want to reduce noise pollution in your home, switch to double glazing.

Damage because of a recent storm

Depending on the original state of your windows, a recent storm may cause damage that warrants a repair. This is especially the case when you're living close to the coast, where a combination of sea air and extremes of temperature lead to corrosion of essential parts. After a storm, consider asking a professional to inspect your windows to ensure they're still intact. 

It's worth remembering that using a repair service early can prevent expensive replacements later on. With a little TLC, your existing installations can last longer.