Window Styles You Could Consider For Your Deck

Having a deck on your property allows you the luxury of having an extra living space that you could use for relaxation or entertainment. However, in most cases, the deck tends to be separated from the home by a solid wall. As such, in the event that you have guests over, you would have to leave the interior of the home to go outside. If you would like to bring the outdoors in, you should consider windows that would separate the deck and the interior. The best option for this application would be large windows that offer you unobstructed sightlines to the deck, while still providing you with ventilation and illumination. Below are some of the window styles that you could consider that would open up your home to your deck.

Single or double hung windows

These types of windows comprise of two sashes that have been installed with one atop the other. The single hung variety will have a single movable sash whereas the double-hung variety will have two sashes that are capable of sliding over one another. One of the key benefits of opting for double or single hung windows is that they do not protrude out when opened. Making them ideal for installation between your deck and your home, as they will not get in the way of any activity happening on your deck.

In addition to this, with double and single hung windows, you have the flexibility of leaving one sash closed and opening the other to limit the breeze that would make its way into your home. Keeping the lower sash closed also acts as a security measure to prevent kids and pets from trying to climb out of the window.

Casement windows

These types of windows will operate like regular doors, as they will swing out when they are opened. However, this does not mean that they will not be suitable for connecting the interior of your home to your deck. One of the key advantages of casement windows is that they create the illusion of an open wall when they are fully opened. As such, the bigger the casement windows, the better.

Secondly, since casement windows do not have any sash framing across their middle, the offer you unobstructed views of the deck whether they are opened or closed. Thirdly, casement windows are highly adept at ventilating your residence. You do not have to open them all the way out if you are looking to cool your home during the summer. Instead, opening them slightly still enables them to catch the breeze and redirect it into the interior of the home.