Get Out of the Sun: Five Benefits of Parking Your Car in the Shade

Using a car shade cover or even a fun shade sail, you can easily create a shady area to park your car. Wondering why you should? There are actually a lot of surprising benefits of parking in the shade. Take a look:

1. Parking under a car shade protects the vulnerable elements of your car.

Over time, parking in the hot sun can take its toll on your vehicle. In particular, UV rays can damage the windscreen, especially its protective coating. Similarly, the sun can also degrade the rubber on your tyres and even have effects on the lifespan of your battery. By installing a car shade cover or a shade sail, you avoid those issues.

2. Shade helps keep the interior of your vehicle cool.

In addition to protecting valuable parts of your vehicle, parking in the shade also helps keep the interior of your car cool. If you've ever gotten into a hot car, you know how stuffy and uncomfortable it can feel. A shade helps you avoid those moments. That also makes it easier to jump into your car and get on the road, as you don't have to wait for the steering wheel to cool down so you can touch it or the hot air to cool to a bearable temperature.

3. Keeping your car in the shade prevents the gas from evaporating.

Surprisingly, parking in the sun can even have an effect on your fuel consumption. When you park in the sun, the petrol in your tank can evaporate, causing you to waste money and have less petrol than you had when you parked. Luckily, shade can help to keep your petrol where it belongs.  

4. Car shade covers can serve multiple purposes.

If you opt to shade your car with a shade sail, you get a vast range of choices in terms of colour and how you hang the sail. However, with a car shade, you get even more options. In fact, in some commercial settings, businesses are turning car shades into solar panels, allowing them to generate power while also keeping cars cool. You could speak with a solar panel contractor about creating the same type of structure of your home.

5. Electric cars benefits from shade as well.

If you have an electric car, you definitely want to park it in the shade. The charging equipment is not made to withstand hot temps, and when you charge in the shade, it makes your charging time 15 minutes faster.