Aluminium Windows | 3 Deliberations For Single Glazed And Double Glazed Windows

If you're thinking of replacing the glass panes on your aluminium windows, then you need to decide whether you want to opt for single or double glazed windows. Single glazed windows are single glass panels fit onto a window frame, while double glazed windows are two glass panels separated by a type of vacuum on the same window frame. If you need to decide between single and double glazed panels, consider these factors for your aluminium windows.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a vital consideration for most homes today, especially with the escalating cost of electricity in Australia. The right window glazing can help you retain internal heat when the temperature is cold outside and keeps the room cool during hot summers. Double glazed windows reduce heat gain or heat loss by nearly 30 percent when you compare them to single glazed windows. If you're looking to maintain high levels of energy efficiency in your home, then double glazed aluminium windows are a better choice for your home.


Many homeowners consider cost to be a major reason for finalising on a decision between single and double glazed aluminium windows. The price of double glazed windows is nearly 25 percent more than single glazed aluminium windows. But don't assume that the upfront cost will help you save money. You must consider the long-term value of single glazed and double glazed windows. When it comes to energy consumption, double glazed windows help you save nearly 25 percent more in bills. This means that the added cost of installing double glazed windows will pay for itself after a few years, so making this upfront investment may be a good choice if you're looking to save on your electricity bills over the next few years.


If you live on the ground floor, then glass security is a key consideration for you. While most window glass panes are usually strengthened to prevent burglars from easily breaking through them, single glazed windows are more vulnerable to breakage than double glazed aluminium windows because there's only one glass pane to navigate through. This can potentially be worrisome if you live alone or if your kids are very small. Double glazed windows are usually more secure because it is significantly harder to break through dual glass panes. If security is a priority for you, double glazed aluminium windows are a better option.

When choosing between single and double glazed aluminium windows, consider these factors for making the right decision for your home. If these factors are key priorities for you, then double glazed windows emerge as the winner.