3 Types of Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are becoming more and more common for many Australian backyards, and some are even starting to appear on the front verandah of houses big enough to take advantage of this space! If you are looking at upgrading your outdoor living area before summer gets into its highest gear, then you need to add outdoor blinds to your plans. Not only are they exceptional at preventing sunshine from scorching you whenever you want to have a barbeque or social gathering outside, but they can help prevent insects, keep cool air inside and generally make life more comfortable for you. Read More 

Types of Hardware You May Need to Purchase for Your Sliding Glass Door

If you have a sliding glass door that leads onto your back deck or patio, or if you have one of these doors anywhere else on your property, then you might find yourself needing to purchase sliding door hardware for it at some point or another. One good thing about buying sliding glass door hardware is the fact that it can allow you to repair your sliding glass door without having to spend a lot of money. Read More 

5 Reasons Why Tinting Your Office Windows Is a Brilliant Idea

Gone are the days when offices were limited to clear windows. Thanks to technological advancements, today, you are spoilt for choice on office window treatments. One of the trendy ideas you will come across is tinted windows. They are an excellent choice, especially for sensitive businesses that value privacy. The advantages of window tinting are discussed below: 1. They Save on Energy Costs The term 'save' is such an important term for every business. Read More 

Why Double Roller Blinds Are a Smart Window Treatment Option for Your Apartment

Window blinds are a crucial element of interior decoration. However, with the countless alternatives in the market, you will end up feeling confused when choosing the ones that will be most ideal for your home. Double roller blinds are currently among the most popular window coverings in the market. They are a little different from the regular blinds because they have two sets of blinds. The first layer is a black material, and the second a sheer fabric. Read More